Mushrooms identification AI

With help of our Artificial intelligence you will be able to identify mushroom name just by uploading it's photo.
AI will provide mushroom's name with detailed information for verification:

  • Edibility
  • Description
  • Cap form, hymedium attachment
  • Class, Order and Family
  • Photos

Use our Artificial intelligence identify mushroom in your photos

Please select photo of mushroom you want to identify.

Drag photos here or click to upload

Hints for uploading photo:

  • No distracting information - try to make photo with as less distacting elements as possible
  • Quality matters - Blurred photos are hard to identify even for people, so please make photo with clear lines. Recommanded photo size - about 1000px wide
  • Size matters - Better results by taking photos from close range.

How it works

We have analysed more than 10000 mushroom species and made list of most popular ones. Next step is to train AI with as many species as possible. Problem is that it takes alot of time to do that. Currently we working hard to train our AI with as many mushrooms as possible. At the moment our AI can compare photo with 100 mushrooms.